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Movie..Release date..
character description

Freedom Writers - in production Oct 2005. Based on the book by Erin Gruwell - a young teacher inspires her Long Beach students. Costars Hillary Swank.
Journey Into the Nights  in post production 2005- father and son separately plan to escape their desolate lives in the underworld of Brazil's sex industry. Costars Brendan Fraser.
Code Breakers - made for tv on ESPN - plays West Point coach Earl Blaik during the 1951 cheating scandal in which 83 cadets were dismissed
Faith of My Fathers- 2005 - tv movie on A&E  as Jack McCain, father of Vietnam POW John McCain -  (military-good guy)
Homeland Security - 2004 - tv movie /pilot -aired on NBC Sunday April 11, 2004, as Joe Johnson (cop-good guy)
Gone But Not Forgotten - 2004 - filmed as a tv miniseries as Martin Darius/Peter Lake (bad guy) but not yet aired on tv.Released on DVD in US Dec 12, 2005
Puerta Vallarta Squeeze - 2003 - as Clayton Price - mercenary hitman enlists the aid of two innocents (an expatriate American writer and his Mexican lover) in a desperate escape through the wilds of Mexico (good-bad guy, lead) Releases April 11, 2006 on dvd in US.
A Painted House (filmed 2002 - Hallmark Hall of Fame-airdate April 27, 2003 on CBS)... Eli "Pappy" Chandler
The Seventh Stream (2001-Hallmark Hall of Fame)....Owen Quinn, (fisherman, widower, good guy - lead). Irish legend of a selkie who falls in love with a human.

Buffalo Soldiers (filmed in 2001-release date 2003) .... Sergeant Lee

Training Day (Oct. 5, 2001) ...Roger (ex-cop, drug dealer, bad guy, small role)

Shipping News, The (Dec. 25, 2001) .... Jack Buggit (newspaper publisher, good guy, small role, but well worth watching!)

Vertical Limit (2000) .... Montgomery Wick (mystic mountain climber)

Last Marshal, The (1999) .... Cole McClary (good cop, lead)

Virgin Suicides, The (1999) .... Father Moody (very brief appearance)

Larga distancia (1998) .... Senor Grem (with daughter Rio, written by daughter Dakota)

Naked City: Justice with a Bullet (1998) (TV-Showtime) .... Sergeant Daniel Muldoon (good cop, lead)

Naked City: A Killer Christmas (1998) (TV-Showtime) Sergeant Daniel Muldoon (good cop, lead)

Firestorm (1998) Wynt Perkins (good guy/bad guy, smokejumper, 2nd lead)

Lesser Prophets (1997) Iggy (semi-bad cop, but appealing, lead)

Edie & Pen (1997) .... Harry Hawkins (good guy, pharmacist, lead, comedy**)

Absolute Power (1997)... Bill Burton (SS agent)

Carla's Song (1996) .... Bradley (former CIA?)

Courage Under Fire (1996) Tony Gartner (reporter)

Reckless (1995) .... Lloyd (social worker)

Tall Tale (1995)aka Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill... J.P. Stiles (bad guy)

The Spy Within (1994) aka The Flight of the Dove...William B. Rickman (demolition expert, lead**)

Night of the Running Man (1994)... David Eckhart (bad guy, hit man, lead**)

Slaughter of the Innocents (1994)... Stephen Broderick (good cop, lead*)

Past Tense (1994 TV-HBO)... Gene Ralston (good cop, lead**)

Extreme Justice (1993)... Dan Vaughn (bad cop, lead)

Shadowhunter (1993 TV) .... John Kane (good cop, lead*)

Player, The (1992)... Himself (about 1 minute on screen)

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys (1991)... H.D. Dalton (rodeo rider, lead**)

Women & Men 2: In Love There Are No Rules (1991 TV-HBO)... Henry Miller (1/2 hour segment)

Backdraft (1991) .... Firefighter John 'Axe' Adcox (good guy/ bad guy firefighter*)

Silence of the Lambs, The (1991)... Jack Crawford (Good cop, FBI)

Hunt for Red October, The (1990)... Commander Bart Mancuso (good guy - sub commander)

Miss Firecracker (1989) .... Mac Sam (good guy, carny worker)

Outside Woman, The (1989 TV-HBO) .... Jesse Smith (convict, lead)

Off Limits (1988)aka Saigon .... Colonel Armstrong (onscreen about 5 minutes) (bad guy**)

Intrigue (1988) (TV) .... Crawford (good guy, spy, lead*)

Verne Miller (1987)aka Gangland...Verne Miller (bad guy, mobster, lead**)

Man on Fire (1987)aka Absinthe aka Without Mercy ...Creasy (good guy, bodyguard, lead*)

As Summers Die (1986 TV-HBO) ...Willie Croft (good guy, lawyer, lead)

Silverado (1985)...Emmett (good guy, cowboy, lead)

Wild Geese II (1985)... John Haddad (good guy, spy, lead)

Countdown to Looking Glass (1984 TV-HBO)... Michael Boyle (news reporter)

River, The (1984)... Joe Wade (bad guy, 2nd lead)

Keep, The (1983) ...Glaeken Trismegestus (good guy,alien, 2nd lead**)

Right Stuff, The (1983)...Alan Shepard (good guy , astronaut, lead)

Challenge, The (1982)aka Sword of the Ninja aka Equals ... Rick (good guy, boxer, martial arts expert, lead)

Personal Best (1982)... Terry Tingloff (good guy, coach, 2nd lead)

Cattle Annie and Little Britches (1981- believe this was actually filmed before Urban Cowboy)... Bill Dalton (outlaw, supporting role)

Urban Cowboy (1980)... Wes Hightower (2nd lead, bad guy, cowboy-and if all cowboys looked like this, I would've moved to Texas*)

Apocalypse Now (1979)aka Apocalypse Now Redux (2001) ... Colby (military nutcase.very brief, no lines)

More American Graffiti (1979)aka Purple Haze ... Newt, Leader Electric Haze Band (brief)

She Came to the Valley (1977)aka Texas in Flames ... Bill Lester (good guy, cowboy, lead*)

Fighting Mad (1976) Charlie Hunter..(rancher, small part*)

Nashville (1975)... Private First Class Glenn Kelly (good guy, small role, but throughout film)

The Shrieking (1973)aka The Hex ... Jimbang Meredith (early biker gang member, 2nd lead-Gary Busey also has small part.)

Gargoyles (1972 TV)... James Reeger (good guy, biker, supporting role)

Angels Hard as They Come (1971)aka Angels, Hell on Harleys.... Long John (good guy biker,lead-Gary Busey again in small part.)

Baby Maker, The (1970)... Tad Jacks (the boyfriend, 2nd lead**)

"Edge of Night" TV Series (soap)... Calvin Brenner (1969)

On and Off Broadway - Stage credits:
Fortune and Men's Eyes early 1970s
Collision Course
Burn This (1988)
Dark Rapture 1996 ( with Marisa Tomei)
Killer's Head 1997 (by Sam Shepard)
Killer Joe 1998(with Amanda Plummer)*** (nominated for Drama Desk Award for best actor)
Arthur Miller's "Finishing the Picture" 2004
**muscles and sex

Favorite Movie

The Right Stuff, definitely the best movie I've ever seen!
Silverado, the best Western.
Best Scott Glenn sex scenes: The Keep, The Spy Within, and Past Tense
Funniest sex scene: Edie and Pen

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Mailbag and Scott Glenn Forum

As Owen Quinn In The Seventh Stream

As Owen Quinn in "The Seventh Stream" 2001

Did you know?
In the 1988 movie Tequila Sunrise , Robert Towne wrote the role of Mac McKussic (the single father who supports his 9yr.old son by trafficking drugs) especially for Scott.
Somehow, Mel Gibson ended up playing the part instead,
opposite Michelle Pfeiffer as the love interest and Kurt Russell as his competitive best friend and cop.