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West Virginia History
Famous West Virginians

Some folks with West Virginia ties.....

We found a great site that gives information about almost anyone famous who ever set foot in West Virginia!  Not all are native West Virginians, but all do have some ties.  Check out the link below. 

Link: Famous West Virginians

This is a list of some of the most famous West Virginians, their claim to fame, and WV town:
Aracoma- Indian princess
Anne Bailey- scout
Margaret and Harman Blennerhassett
Belle Boyd- actress, Civil War spy
George Brett- baseball player, Glendale
"Bricktop" (Ada Beatrice Queen Victoria Louise Virginia Smith)- singer
Pearl S. Buck -Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Hillsboro
Betsy Byars- children's author
Robert C. Byrd - U.S. Senator
Bernie Casey - pro football player, actor, Wyco
Mary Elizabeth Behner Christopher- missionary, Scott's Run
Phyllis Curtin -soprano, Clarksburg
Dagmar (Virginia Ruth Egnor)- actress, Huntington
John W. Davis- lawyer, presidential candidate 1934, Clarksburg
Martin Delany - first black of high army rank
Bob Denver- actor (Gilligan), now lives in Bluefield
Joanne Dru- actress, Logan
Conchata Ferrell - actress, Charleston
Jennifer Garner - actress, Charleston
Denise Giardina- author, gubernatorial candidate
Linda Goodman- astrologer, author, Parkersburg
Nancy Hart- Confederate spy
Albert "Sid" Hatfield- police chief, Matewan
John Henry - railroad legend, worked on Big Bend Tunnel
Paulette Vineyard Herbich - mezzosoprano, Vienna State Opera
Susan Dew Hoff - first WV woman doctor, Harrison County
Jeff Hostetler - WVU football player, led NY Giants to win Superbowl
Mary Draper Ingles- Indian captive, first white woman in Kanawha Valley
Anna Jarvis - founder of Mothers Day, Grafton
Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson -Confederate general, Clarksburg
John S. Knight- publisher, Bluefield
Don Knotts- actor, Morgantown
Catherine Wood Marshall- author, Keyser
Peter Marshall- TV host, Huntington
Kathy Mattea -country music singer, Cross Lanes
Alfred Moore -jurist, Molinosville
Randy Moss - NFL football player, Rand
Ruth Ann Musick- folklorist, author
Brad Paisley- Country music singer
Eugenia Price - author , Charleston
Mary Lou Retton- Olympic gold medal gymnast, Fairmont
Walter Reuther -labor leader, Wheeling
Soupy Sales - comedian, Huntington
Christopher Sarandon- actor, Morgantown 
David Selby - actor
Mary Lee Settle- author, Charleston
Eleanor Steber- soprano, Wheeling
Lewis L. Strauss- naval officer and scientist, Charleston
Cyrus Vance- government official, Clarksburg
Booker T. Washington- educator, Malden
Jerry West - Los Angeles Lakers basketball player & General Manager, Cabin Creek
Carter G. Woodson- founder of Black History Month
Chuck Yeager -test pilot and Air Force general, Myra, Lincoln County
Steve Yeager- baseball player, Huntington
Betty Zane- Revolutionary War heroine